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Zoom Marques it is the annual reference event for the communication directors of the main companies in the country. The Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia organizes it in collaboration with Foment del Treball Nacional, DirCom Catalunya, The New Barcelona Post and Club Marketing Barcelona.

For each edition, Zoom Marques detects a disruptive tendency in the communication and advertising landscape and approaches the audience with a panel discussion of experts.

2019 Edition: ConsumiLOLs · How to connect with new audiences



Neither controllable nor predictable: ephemeral and impulsive. Millennials and Z generation are living in a little farther from the solid structures we know. Who are they? How are they? How do they act? The way in which they unerstand the world marks how they relate to consumer goods. For brands and agencies, the challenge lies in understanding and creating content to empathize with them. Is it enough to translate the messages into their language to impact them? What channels do we have to get to and what is the most effective way to do it?


9:00h Acreditation of atendees

9:30h Institutional presentation

9:45h Roundtable with experts: How to connect with new audiences?

11:00h Questions and debate

11:45h Completion of the act and refreshments


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Moderator of the session MIQUEL PELLICER

Director of strategy and communication at Lavinia Group, Miquel Pellicer is journalist and anthropologist. Born the year Elvis died. He is professor of Corporate Communication at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Also related to: FC Barcelona, Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona City Council, Enderrock, Transversal Web. Awarded the Blocs Catalunya 2010 Prizes and member of the DIRCOM association. Author of the books “Communication in the Trump era” and “Optimism for journalists”.

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Logo BuzzFeed Zoom Marques

Director of strategic planning at BuzzFeed NY where he is the point of union between creators of content, hearings and brands. He has worked in different creative agencies. Adrià Farrero entered BuzzFeed in 2017 to help improve the creation of digital solutions, specific to the needs of each client. In a year and a half he has helped in the development of campaigns for clients as diverse as Samsung, Visa, Walmart or P&G.

BuzzFeed is the independent digital media company and leading technology in providing news content and entertainment to a global audience. BuzzFeed creates 520 pieces of content every day, distributes them through all platforms and reaches more people than any other publisher in the U.S. Over the years, it has grown following the sole objective of connecting people together, innovating in formats, brands such as Tasty, products and research awarded with Pulitzers.

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Zoom Marques Broadcaster Cluster

Director of the content agency Broadcaster and the television producer BAS , Noemí Cuní is a journalist with a degree from Columbia University (NYC), Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University and a Master’s Degree in Business Management from IESE. Her career has focused on audiovisuals since she worked in United States on documentary projects by medias such as Channel 4 and CNN.

Broadcaster is a content agency specialized in Brand Journalism. With a corporate and journalistic look, Broadcaster helps companies and brands to communicate by embracing the values of journalism: explaining good stories, in a transparent, proven and reliable manner, providing added value, to generate a stable relationship of trust with customers and consumers. SEAT, Sanofi, Fluidra and Cellnex are among their clients. BAS is a TV producer that makes programs and documentaries for different media such as Mediaset, RTVE, TV3, À Punt or EiTB.

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Rosas Zoom Marques Cluster

Founder and head of strategy at &Rosàs, Jordi Rosàs has worked for more than 30 years in the field of marketing and advertising. Among the clients of this independent creative agency, there are international clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Decathlon, Seat, Honda, Bacardi, Sanex, Dewar’s, Estrella Damm and P&G, among others.

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Danone-logo ZOOM MARQUES

Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Danone Iberia, with more than 14 years of experience in marketing and advertising positions within the company. Responsible for the sustainability strategy of its three divisions (yogurt, water and specialized nutrition) and for the content of Danone One Planet, One Health strategy.

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