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Why an audio-visual cluster in Catalonia?

In 2013, in the midst of the global economic crisis, a group of companies and institutions gathered to share their concerns about the situation of the audio-visual sector in Catalonia. From that meeting came a shared diagnosis (industry report), and the belief that it was necessary to take a step forward to adapt to the needs and changes the industry experienced then, and is still experiencing now. An audio-visual cluster was created for the first time in Catalonia.

The diagnosis and challenges identified are as follows:

  1. The audio-visual sector is undergoing diversification. The nature of business is more varied, as well as the particular lines of business. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate companies from along the entire chain of value in the sector and create new synergies.
  2. Audio-visual usage is spreading in many areas and extending to new sectors. It is necessary to create connections and build bridges. The key to communication is now in the use of audio-visuals.
  3. The audio-visual industry is transforming. We must innovate and find new business models.
  4. Talent is emerging from universities at an increasing rate. We must strengthen the collaboration between academic institutions and the industry, and establish channels to promote expertise.
  5. The audio-visual industry is intensive and has a highly-qualified workforce, and it can be the engine of economic growth in Catalonia.
  6. The audio-visual market is global. We must promote the opening of the entire sector to international markets.