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Programmes and activities


  • Member meetings where the aims of the Cluster are reported, discussed and approved.
  • Breakfast meetings to share projects and promote collaborative ventures between members.
  • Work sessions with companies from other clusters and agents from other economic sectors or institutions, in order to align interests and establish avenues of collaboration.
  • We support members with taking part in seminars on issues related to economics, organised by institutions such as Foment del Treball, Bizz Barcelona, PIMEC…
  • Access to discounts at fairs and markets such as 4YFN, Mobile World Congress, Saló del Cinema, Primavera Pro…
  • International networking. Work sessions (e.g. Hong Kong), speed meetings (e.g. Wallonia-Belgium), missions (e.g. Israel), participation in international projects (e.g. audio-visual hub in Saudi Arabia).
  • We channel members’ R+D and innovation projects through Barcelona Media Alliance, in which the Cluster holds the vice-presidency.


We have created programmes that contribute to discussions on future trends, promote large-scale networking and attract new talent.

Digital & Media Forum. A series of activities focused on the relationship between the audio-visual and the digital worlds. The aim is to identify new forms of business and finance, as well as new trends regarding Internet content and new devices.

ZOOM Brands. Under the umbrella of the Digital & Media Forum, producers, agencies and brands meet annually to explore new forms of collaboration, content creation and positioning of the brands through audio-visuals.

Audiovisual Talent Week. New talents emerging from Catalan universities exhibit their projects to a wide range of audiovisual producers and companies. The Talent Week has two main sections: the Audiovisual Pitching University-Industry and the Market of New Professionals. It also includes conferences, workshops, case studies and networking meetings.