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900 professionals participate in the 7th edition of the Zoom Marques

Today we saw the seventh edition of Zoom Marques, an annual event organized by the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia in collaboration with Foment del Treball, the Association of Communication Managers Dircom Catalonia and the Barcelona Marketing Club.

The debate was attended by three experts in communication and marketing from companies that have stood out for their ability to adapt during the health crisis: Jordi Urbea, Senior Vice President of Ogilvy Spain and CEO of Ogilvy Barcelona; Cristina Vall-Llosada, Global Director of Corporate Communication at SEAT and Pol Vilà, Director of Digital Marketing at Filmin. It has been moderated by journalist Xantal Llavina.

The event began with a presentation of the debate on an interactive set, with the use of augmented reality and holographic teleportation. With this introduction, the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia wanted to show the advantages of using new technologies to promote new ways of communicating and highlighting the key role of the audiovisual sector for large companies.

The three speakers agreed that brands need to generate security, send energy and positivity, provoke more confidence and further personalize the messages to reactivate consumption. Jordi Urbea commented that “it is time to regain trust, brands must dare to invest in communication and generate security. We must explain that everything will go well, that we will move forward. It is essential to build trust.”

Cristina Vall-Llosada, added that brands will have to review their purpose and adapt to what consumers expect, especially the youngest, who no longer have enough with a good product, but demand socially responsible companies.

In the words of Pol Vilá, “digitalisation must not involve dehumanizing, on the contrary”. In his view, brands need to start digitizing, but with people behind them to control and interpret the algorithms as in the case of Filmin, where a team of curators selects the film offering.

Finally, and in response to viewers’ questions, the speakers emphasized the importance of personalization in current communication and the targeting of the target audience without losing sight of the human aspect, knowing who our consumers are, where they are. and what interests them.

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